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Could you tell me why? I haven’t shot a Taurus but, as one of my comments has pointed out, I’m considering purchasing one. I’ve shot a shield and found it hard to consistently shoot accurately. By no means am I an expert shooter, in fact I’d say I’m a novice. But, I can consistently shoot my PX4 storm and my buddies glock 17 fairly well. Can that be attributed to the weight of those bigger pistols compared to a lighter more concealable firearm?


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They have a history of poor QC. But what you're not hearing that the QC issues are associated with specific factories and specific weapons. They had a long run of specific weapons with poor tolerances. None of which have been been leveled against their G2 series or the tooling runs used to make them. The PT111G2 was part of a retooling effort to address their QC issues. By all accounts, they have been exceptionally successful at fixing their QC woes.

Many people and mindlessly brand loyal and are snobbish because of it. It's up to you to decide if you want pay more just because of someone else's grudge.

The only open question is what happens if you need to replace something or it breaks down the road? As I've never heard of this happening with this weapon and have not seen it occur for myself, I honestly don't know. But it's not realistic to expect it can't or will never happen. All guns wear, all guns break, and all guns require replacement parts and/or servicing at some point, assuming they get well used. I assume that since the weapon has been wildly successful that parts are readily available. But I don't know that for fact.


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Their QC sucks. A quick Goolag search will bring up stories of them blowing up in people's hands. Of course, not ALL are shitty, as I've heard that the Beretta knock offs were actually pretty good and made with original Beretta machinery, and some of the revolver models aren't total crap, and you might get lucky and get the unicorn that is well-made. As with all things, YMMV.

EDIT: If you can, find a police turn-in Glock. They're near your price range and all turn-ins (usually) get factory-refurbished.