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The poor interviewer thought he was going to get some good snippets by bringing up Trump and the holocaust in the middle of the interview, but Mel Brooks has been around a long time and is still too sharp to get derailed. He's been doing it for too long, and he knows exactly how to get his Jew talking points across subtly. Even at the beginning of the interview you can tell the interviewer was a bit disappointed that Mel Brooks was taking control of the topic and direction. The interviewer put forth a good effort, but alas, Mel Brooks won that round.


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https://archive.fo/ez5nk :

Mel Brooks Talks Trump, Anti-Semitism, Political Correctness and the ‘Best Movie’ He Ever Made

'I don’t know. '

'Because nobody who was born 20 years ago has ever seen a Mel Brooks movie on anything but a telephone. '

'I don’t think they vote for somebody who’s a great administrator. '

'Do you think that is an apt comparison?[Laughs] I don’t know if he was really trying to lose. '

'Before I can get a question out, Mel Brooks jumps in.“What would you like to know?” he begins. “I can tell you this. '

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