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I am amazed every day the amount of BS that gets published calling it "scientific" when it clearly isn't. The amount of assumptions you would have had to make to come up with this graph makes my head spin.

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I highly doubt this, that solar panels and wind mills will alter the local climate. Sure solar panels alter the albedo, since it absorb the energy from the sun, but it has to be on a massive scale. Regarding wind mills i high doubt it has a significant impact. Sure it does take some energy out of the system, but that is an insignificant amount.

Check correlations between precipitation (rain) and temp. with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) and maybe also the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). They have a larger impact on the Sub-Sahel climate.

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dont matter.,... just a few years till it's all underwater anyhow!

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Why should this region be underwater??? Makes no sense...

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Cause the day after tomorrow we are gonna experience some major global warming