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This book, censored by the cia in 1965, tells how when the earths magnetic poles shift, as they have done many times. The artic poles also shift. So...canals in Arizona could of been there because the ocean was alot closer.

The book also suggests that everytime the poles shift, mankind nearly complely dies out. Those that find themselves in the new habitable zones, with no memory of the old civilisations, are called the 1st humans. Adam and Eve.

'The Adam And Eve Story'.


With These Numbers Showing A 'Future American Holocaust', Why Did CIA Censor 1965 Book Titled 'The Adam And Eve Story'?



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The idea of mankind nearly going extinct in the past is one of the central ideas of catastrophism. What causes a pole shift? There is evidence of several major celestial impacts in the past, one of which being associated with the end of the last ice age, or glacial maximum, approximately 12,000 years ago by conventional dating.

What would happen if a fairly large celestial body slammed into the Earth near one of its polar extremities? Lots of ice would melt for one thing, releasing an almost unimaginable amount of liquid water onto the surface of the Earth. Could it possibly also tilt the Earth slightly on its axis, changing how the seasons are experienced on different parts of the Earth? Siberia used to be a temperate climate during the last glacial maximum, while New York is estimated to have been under a mile or more of snow and ice. When the ice age ended, New York warmed up and Siberia became colder. Why?

Brown University, 2007: Space impact "likely source" of end of ice age, mass extinctions

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