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This actually seems like a very important, deep thing for society... I'm pretty blown away.

Children are naturally drawn to animals. All children love animals growing up.

Children are also friggin' sociopaths who don't understand other people are people.

And this explains why children torturing animals is such a disgusting thing to us - if they can't even feel empathy when they have a huge bonus to liking something, their brain has a huge malfunction and they must be avoided big time.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for that reply dude.

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Thanks for the post.

I feel the idea is really important, and I never thought of it before.

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Most well raised animals are much like this. I got a big orange cat that scares the shit out of my big "badass" brother and most others that meet him, just cuz he is huge and he's kind of a dick... Anyway, he is super gentle with all the kids of all ages and with kittens. It's amazing to see that side of him, when he ain't one of those touchy feely type cats.

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I have a big Maine coon. The most gentle giant you could ever meet.

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I love the kitties, not the litter box. That bitch looks square at me when she drops a load as if she's saying "clean my dirty shit box you filthy slave, now!"

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My cat rapes blankets while staring at me....

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Then why is she poking him in the nose?

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It's called a boop.

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Yep, the boop is respected by many domestic animals, even cows and horses.

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its not a poke. this is a really good way to see if a cat wants to be pet or not. if they rub on your finger they will accept pets, anything else and you should not touch the cat if your value your skin.

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I found that with my cat if I approach him with a finger held out, as long as I hold still just a centimeter from his nose, he sniffs, then rubs his face on my finger. Then I know I’m all in for a full rub and pet. I tried this on other cats and it works perfectly.

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"If you can make a cat love you , you might be alright."

-An asshole that even cats hate.

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And I would even say, allowing them to get in touch with their own natural capacity for empathy. Excellent post. Thanks.

Edit: And I hate cats, but the wisdom of the post is great. :)

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It's okay to like cats!

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Thats a nice fucking kitty right there

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