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Last week I had asked Voat for how best to help Harriet, my eldest cat who had until then been in perfect health though one day came home with an oily coat and low spirits. I am pleased to say that she recovers well; she climbs and bumps heads again, and has even wanted to go outside for a few minutes.

We have also discovered what had happened to Harriet as Wagner, one of my other cats, barged into my room to-day with a foul smelling fleck of grease on his thick coat. (I had naturally given him a Dawn bath at once; the grease had not spread, and he had not licked it, so we trust he should be well.) My father recognised the scent at once as the grease which he applies to his business trailer. Perhaps not incidentally, Harriet took ill shortly before my parents had left with that trailer for business purposes. It is a relief to have identified what has caused our 'kitten' this trouble, and also rescue one of our other cats before the same would happen to him.

Special thanks to @gazillions, @Charlez6, @badbear, @midnightblue1335, @I_Would_Gas_You, @sometimessage, @Octocopter, @6double5321, @littul_kitton, @Liberty4thewin, @Ampharias, @Fuster_Cluck, @jonny1313, @selpai, @GoogleHatesVoat, @monkeytennis, @Cat-hax, @dukey, @0011000100100111101, @pixelkitteh, @Sarcastatron_9000, @beece, @Doomking_Gridlock and @Der_Untergang for all of their support! Harriet and our family well appreciate it.


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Very glad to hear that you've identified the problem and that Harriet and Wagner are going to be okay!


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Thanks so much for the update. Another ball of kitty love will go on!