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TLDR: Canada - "We're going to fight money laundering by legally stealing money from working class citizens".

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https://archive.ph/9pbUx :

2019-05-11 | 'An incredibly troubling notion': Drastic new tool to fight money laundering alarms civil rights advocates | CBC News

'"I think it's an incredibly troubling notion," said Micheal Vonn, policy director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. ', "B.C. has a $7.4-billion problem — that's the bottom line of two bombshell reports on money laundering released this week."

'Former Mountie Peter German raised it in on money laundering. '

'She pointed out that while the intention of a UWO scheme might be to tackle the scourge of money laundering, even the most well-intentioned laws can end up serving other purposes. '

'These orders go a step beyond civil forfeiture and "allow confiscation without finding the crime," led by criminal law expert Maureen Maloney wrote in its report, released Thursday. '

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