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My brother in law uses one at the prisons he's assigned to. This tech is old as fuck.


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Would it be legal for anyone to get one of these stingray devices?


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https://archive.fo/S2myW :

Two years after they said they didn’t, Toronto police admit they use Stingray cellphone snooping device | Toronto Star

'Pugash said the service would not use a IMSI catcher without judicial authority or urgent circumstances to prevent the loss of life. '

'The documents released to the Star through access to information legislation state that Toronto police have used the device on five occasions. '

'After denying use of the controversial technology, documents obtained by the Star show that the Toronto Police Service has used the cellphone data-capturing device known as an IMSI catcher, or Stingray, in five separate investigations. '

'The documents note that Toronto police were granted a warrant authorizing the use of an IMSI catcher. '

'An IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) catcher, also known as a mobile device identifier, is a controversial tool because it is indiscriminate in whose mobile device is affected. '

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