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Man held wife hostage at indian reserve far off the hiway.


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https://archive.is/NkJOw | https://vgy.me/Dig7TW.png :

Unspecified 'civil emergency' leaves Albertans scratching their heads — again - Calgary - CBC News

'Push notifications were sent to Albertans' cellphones at 8:55 p.m., informing them of what was deemed a "civil emergency."'

'During the ongoing "civil emergency" on Sunday evening and Monday morning, questions abounded on social media as to exactly what that means. '

'An unspecified "civil emergency" was declared in Alberta on Sunday night and it took nearly 16 hours for officials to say why. '

'The Alberta emergency public alert system advised: "Take necessary precautions."'

'RCMP officers were dispatched from across southern Alberta, and the RCMP emergency response team was sent in from Calgary. '

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