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I do contract work in the tech sector and am often asked to work in an open office environment. I now make it a policy of my contract that I work from home or a site of my choosing. Trying to get work done in rooms full of children is near impossible. Funny thing is I love working at the local library and get much work done. It is an open concept design but the difference is people are respectful and not all trying to impress each other while acting like twenty year old toddlers. I fucking hate the tech sector for this inherent immaturity but it pays well.

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I used to sit in my car or at a family restaurant that allowed smoking (Japan). I could get a hell of a lot done! I can smoke, drink my coffee and adjust the heat to the way I like it.

I now work in an open space style office. Ugh, people traffic sucks and yes those fucking emails. Also, I don’t like taking breaks when you do. Sorry but that joke just blew up my flow.

I would like to work from home, honestly. I end up working more! Ugh

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My company forced these on everyone at most sites a while back. Luckily I had a door and my site never got around to enforcing it. I hated any visit to a site that wasn't mine. Need a private meeting? Gotta schedule a room and then hope nobody set up shop in it before you got there (H1B visa guys mainly since they never give a shit who is supposed to have a room). Folks just talk louder and louder as the day goes on and without walls between the cubes it carries. Ugh.

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Libre Office plans are much better.

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I literally thought this article was going to be about Open Office.

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Very punny

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I interviewed someplace that had an open floor plan...fairly certain I didn't get further than that is I started talking college football with one of the managers as he walked out of his office and asked a question about the conference realignment(s). They also had a standing desk for the one or two computers for all the peons to use.

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https://archive.fo/Ki0CO :

Yes, open office plans are the worst – TechCrunch

'If you’re endlessly distracted by your co-workers in the gaping open office space you all share, you’re not alone. '

'Compared to traditional office spaces, face-to-face interaction in open office spaces is down 70 percent with resulting slips in productivity, according to Harvard researchers in a new study published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B this month. '

'From their results, the researchers provide three cautionary tales:Seems like it might be time to (first, find a quiet room) and go back to the drawing board with the open office design. '

'The study collected information in two stages; first for several weeks before the renovation and the second for several weeks after. '

'In the study, researchers followed two anonymous Fortune 500 companies during their transitions between a traditional office space to an open plan environment and used a sensor called a “sociometric badge” (think company ID on a lanyard) to record detailed information about the kind of interactions employees had in both spaces. '

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