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well, you didn't mention what versions of those programs you wanted but you'll want to select a laptop with a graphics card geared towards 3D modelling, not gaming, such as Nvidia's Quadro. However, those graphics cards are pretty expensive, so you'll be looking for a used computer most likely. A quick search brought up this laptop.

50% more expensive than your 500$ mark but I hope the info was helpful, perhaps pointing you in the right direction.

also, I don't know how you feel about that other website but /r/suggestAlaptop might be a good place to get your question answered, as its counterpart here is not nearly as robust.


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Thank you for the response.

I'm an Engineering student and I'll be doing courses in 3D Cadd and Drafting in Auto CAD as some extra classes. This laptop will be specifically for school and I'm only using it to run programs like SolidWorks.