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@captbrogers, thanks for reminding me. I went with red/black to match my monitor/keyboard/mouse.

Case: Bitfenix Aurora

CPU: Ryzen 1600x

GPU: MSI 1070

Mobo: MSI X370 Gaming Pro (a B350 would be just as good really)

Cooler: Kraken x52

Mem: Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8GB)

Storage: 250GB Samsung 960 Evo NvME / 1TB WD Black

Fans: AMZtronics 120mm LED (amazon brand i think)

PSU: CS550M (I may swap it with an 850w)

Peak temps: 46c CPU / 65c GPU

So far, it's been super quiet and cool. And no stability issues yet. The case come with an led controller for the SSD caddy next to the power buttons. Since I'm not using that, I re-routed it to run the fan LED controls. I may also run so case LEDs once I get some custom cables later.

I had the flash on when I took the picture but the glass is tinted. IDKW, but the back side is glass too but it opaque black.

My old computer is being used for my racing setup.


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It would have been done Tuesday but storms delayed some parts a couple days.


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Nice colour matching. Much better than mine: bright blue fan at the back of the case; failing green on the cpu cooler; pulsing red cosmetic on the mobo; constant orange, blue and green indicators on the mobo; cycling RGB on the graphics card.


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I'm guessing you went with the Red/Black theme on purpose? What are the specs of it? It looks really similar to mine.