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I plan to make myself an all-purpose server and I plan to use M.2 for the OS/boot drive. I would certainly like to hear about any problems people have encountered using one.

OP, I would suggest a little more than "the largest capacity drive that fits your budget". I would suggest a reputable manufacturer not someone who rebrands other people's components.


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I sort of figured that if the drive you selected supports NMVe, then it's probably a decent manufacturer. But I may even go further and say that this piece of hardware (the SSD) is so simple, that what, really, can you fuck up? Maybe this is one example where getting an off-brand component, so long as you're certain of what you're getting, is fine?

And the answer is, you're actually still right. I went on Newegg expecting to prove you wrong, but when you really drill down into it, its best simply "just go with the name brand," Samsung in this case.

Here's a the comparison that makes me say that: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?CompareItemList=%2D1%7C20%2D147%2D594%5E20%2D147%2D594%2C20%2D250%2D085%5E20%2D250%2D085%2C20%2D313%2D870%5E20%2D313%2D870%2C9SIA4S85UG7720%5E9SIA4S85UG7720

Because we've established that this is for a desktop PC, we don't care about laptop features like shock resistance. We only care about how quickly can I write/read data onto and off of that drive?

Little aside: for me, I care about this because I'm using it for data analytics and I want to store bigass matrices and stuff on my drive. I also want to mess around with Swap space on my linux build when my memory gets big, so this is why I care, but it'll also help you get a super short loadscreen on Skyrim I suppose.

Anyway, in the Newegg comparison I linked to above, the only things we care about for our Desktop build are the data transfer specs:

  • Max Sequential Read
  • Max Sequential Write
  • 4KB Random Read
  • 4KB Random Write ...and, maybe some of the "Features" that are non-memey, e.g, NOT made-up features like "High Performance Superconductivity"

==> and on those specs -- the only ones that matter -- the name brand, Samsung in this case, beats everybody. So someone who had just listened to you would have gotten the best drive.


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I had a fun experience grabbing a 1TB 960 Pro and installing it into a eVGA x99 Classified running a i7-6950X only to scratch my head at the data rate before I dig enough digging to notice the M.2 slots on the x99 Classified's M.2 only runs at PCI-E 2.0 speeds.

A $7 PCI-E 4x M.2 adapter from Amazon solved this issue, but it was surprising nonetheless.