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Thank you :)


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How does Rule #1 look now


It's such a subjective piece of shit rule that means NOTHING. People shouldn't try to be "nice." The goal of voat isn't to be nice. It's to facilitate discussion and debate. "Nice" is a bitch term used by women because women aren't interested in getting at the truth. They're interested in FEELING GOOD. So "nice" goes along with their childish agenda of feeling good.

If your focus is making everyone feel good, you've just created a reddit subverse.

If you focus is on fostering discussion/debate, then you're understanding why people leave reddit and flock here.

Fuck censorship.


[–] Foralltoosee 3 points 21 points (+24|-3) ago 

Look at your response. Do you at least kinda see his point? There's a pretty wide gap between having a controversial opinion or negative viewpoint and expressing that in a reasonable way and what you've done here. Yeah, it looks pretty subjective, but screaming about it doesn't really do any good.

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It's such a subjective piece of shit rule that means NOTHING.

It's not hard to get your opinions across without calling someone a piece of shit. If you are finding it difficult to reply without insulting folks, you aren't much better than the SJW's that drove many people here in the first place.


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Your content is good, but your delivery is poor... maybe you should try to be nice. :-P