[–] ardvarcus ago 

A run-of-the-mill commercial fantasy story of the kind that might have appeared in any of a number of pulp magazines in the middle of the 20th century. Deal with the devil stories are a dime a dozen.

It used to be that the person making the deal figured out a way to cheat the devil. Readers liked the idea that someone could out lie and out cheat the father of all lies and cheats. But today all the deal-with-the-devil stories end in the person who makes the deal trying to wriggle out of it, but failing to escape.

Fail, fail, fail, can't get out of the trap. That's our modern psychology as a society, and it's reflected in our popular fiction. Why try, when you are only going to fail? Because you are the perpetual victim, right? Doesn't the media tell you that you are a failure and a victim all day long, every day of your life?

Today, nobody even dreams of tricking the devil. Old Nick has us all by the balls, and he is squeezing.

[–] xileos ago 

Playing devil’s advocate, so to speak.

Isn’t it more dangerous to think you can outsmart the devil? It should be that you’re more dependent on the Creator than anyone else, including yourself. How mighty man thinks he is to think he can outsmart the second-most powerful being in the universe (or fourth-most if you consider the Trinity). Possibly 5th or 6th if you think Gabriel could take him or that Death is a being and not a concept.