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Thanks for the reply! I saw that too, but it only has the table of contents not the actual book and I'm not sure if I can access the full thing. It says you can borrow it, but I don't know if its downloadable, and of course I can't read it in 1 hour lol

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I think you need to make an account and then you can check it out. Not sure if you can copy the pages. They probably have them protected but maybe screen captures? So check it out for an hour and try to copy all the pages?

I found another site that also had copies that could be checked out but it looked like they were out.

There were also several physical copies available at different libraries. You might check with your local library and see if they can borrow a copy through an inter-library transfer.

Otherwise, I'm not sure how you can find a copy. There are antiquarian sites where you can purchase old books, but I doubt this would be available since it is from 1977, not 1777.

Sorry not to have better ideas.

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I looked and it doesn't let you download, only read online and for 1 hour. Anyone have a good idea for how to capture it and read later? I'm not sure why they have to make it so cancerous to try and read

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This is another book by Eleanor McBean called "The Poisoned Needle", written in 1957. The book you're looking for was written in 1977, so it's more current than her previous book, but it's a start.


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Interesting thanks for that! I'm sure it's good too