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interesting, i cant believe i havent seen this

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As long as we live, we intend to pursue our journeys of exploration through the dark wilderness of English Masonry; we will be satisfied if we succeed in placing safely some landmarks, to encourage and enable cleverer and younger men to make a proper and more complete survey of the Masonic dark recesses.

well done, cleverer young man.

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You find some interesting stuff.

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This one caught my eye just now I just dl'ed it. Incidentally I just tried looking for a pdf of one of the books I posted in that list, "The Age of Treason" by Clymer. Couldn't get the pdf. A lot of this stuff isn't so easy to find. https://ia800908.us.archive.org/34/items/BW1885OneHundredProofsWorldNotAGlobeCarpenter.o_201903/BW%201885%20One%20Hundred%20Proofs%20World%20not%20a%20globe%20Carpenter.o.pdf

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