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The whole book is about why hero/messiah worship is fatally flawed, so maybe you should stick to hunger games or YA fiction

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Are we talking about the same book? There was little to no nuance through the entire book.

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Then you’re missing a lot, you should read the next two at least for a more complete picture. But with the religion for example the whole point is that it is true because the Bene Gesserit seeded worlds with religious myth to help future reverend mothers in trouble (who can always quote and fulfill the prophecies) and prepare the way for their chosen kwisatz haderach.

Author Frank Herbert said in 1979, "The bottom line of the Dune trilogy is: beware of heroes. Much better [to] rely on your own judgment, and your own mistakes."[43] He wrote in 1985, "Dune was aimed at this whole idea of the infallible leader because my view of history says that mistakes made by a leader (or made in a leader's name) are amplified by the numbers who follow without question."

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Dune was a bit boring in spots but as a whole great SiFi... that's because it's fiction not a documentary... SO take it with a grain of salt and let you mind work for a change, that's what books are for.

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It doesn’t sound like you read the book. That’s a terrible takeaway.

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How do? What should the takeaway be?

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I recommend you try reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

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I like Dune. As for sci fi, or in general any fantasy that has nothing to do with a power trip, I'd say Philip k dick would be more in your ball park.

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I always thought Dune was pretty based.

Read the next few books, see if the Bene Tleilax remind you of anyone

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sounds like you had trouble with the big words

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There was no big words. I would say he writes like hemingway; simply. There is very little complexity in his literary style.

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It's literally a projection of the Talmudic messiach. The perfect "Larry Stu" (or King David type) character that is the evolved ascension which brings all the child molesters back to their homeland. I also agree with you that it was utter garbage.

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