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List ..

Far more white people than blacks are killed by police in America both in proportion to their population sizes and in real numbers, contrary to anti white propaganda put out by BLM. NewObserver.com.

Toni Morrison@WashingtonTimes, "analysis shows more white people die at the hands of law enforcement than those of any other race, even as the Justice Department, social justice groups and media coverage focus on black victims of police force."

Blacks at just 13 percent of the population committed 85% of the race crimes between blacks and whites in America. Link.

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I thought his super power was to spot other homos pretending to watch birds and then give them AIDS in a public bathroom.

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https://dontvis.it/https://nypost.com/2020/09/09/central-park-bird-watcher-christian-cooper-writes-graphic-novel/ :

2020-09-09 | Central Park bird watcher Christian Cooper writes graphic novel

'The black Central Park bird watcher falsely accused of “threatening” a white woman has created a graphic novel about the racist encounter.“It’s a Bird” by Christian Cooper follows the story of Jules, a black teenage birder who is gifted a pair of special binoculars once belonging to his grandfather. '

'Cooper, 57, a former Marvel Comics editor, was bird watching in Central Park’s Ramble on May 25 when he asked a white woman, Amy Cooper, to leash her dog. '

'The same day of the Central Park encounter, George Floyd would go on to die in Minneapolis after being pinned under a police officer’s knee for nearly eight minutes during an arrest. '

'The 10-page digital-only graphic novel, published by DC Comics, kicks off a series called “Represent!” comprised of work from writers “traditionally underrepresented in the mainstream comic book medium,” DC Executive Editor Marie Javins said in a statement. '

'When he looks through them, he sees faces of black people killed by police, the New York Times reported Wednesday. '

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Niggers never have anything to say unless it's about race, just as faggots never have anything to say unless it's about homosexuality.

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But not see blacks killed by blacks?