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I do this. Best way to get it out. break it up... each chapter is a small novelization.... release a chapter every two weeks as an ebook. build up a following. (this is the real work, social media blasts, e-interviews, behind the scenes vids, side source stories etc....number of folloowers matter. 10% rule. 1000 people see your ads, 100 people click through to see, 10 people buy... Its a pure numbers game at this point)

Then once done, compile all into book form and release that as well. you get two product streams that way. maximize revenue potential. amazon and barns an knowbales publishing services. Once you do this and build up some sales and numbers. then you can shop your second book around to traditional publishers. (looking right at 50 shades and twilight, who did this exact thing)

Edit: also your book cover REALLY matters. It's what about 93.65% of people focus on when they look to buy...)

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Sound like Twitter/faceburg/(((reddit))). I get it, but I'd rather go in a different direction. I dont need to be rich, and my writing isn't hemmingway over here. But I'd still like someone to say, hey, that was really cool, here's a cup of coffee; when can I read more. I guess what I'll do is look into a epup service like smashwords and a print on demand service, as I do design for my video game projects, and prob do a chapter every 2 weeks for narration. I appreciate the feedback however! I'm just trying to find the goldilocks zone where I'm not giving into to our corporate overlords but can still make a few bucks here and there.

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Agree with the above - you need an attractive, eye catching cover for your story. Smashwords can help you there.

It is nice, very nice, to get a little extra money coming in, even if it isn't untold riches.

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Look into Smashwords and Lulu.

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Cool, I'll look into it. Thanks!

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So nice to have some books that aren't leftist. Perhaps there's a list of such, by reader age. It can be nice if there is a series. And yes many decide to look based on the cover.

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@tallest_skil is who I would ask first.

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Do I have to send him dick pics like with maroonsaint? I think I got a few of sanegoatiswear laying around.

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Couldn't hurt I guess.

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Good luck. we'll want to read it y'know ;-)

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For some reason I forgot to mention draft2digital.


They will also upload your book for you to Amazon, Apple books, Kobo etc. Worth considering.