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cool site

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BEWARE : use a special VM to read infected PDFs!


Beware all PDFs on that libgen site, a full 15% have zer0-day (when uploaded) PDF remote exploits to root your machine!

15% will root your machine forever.

Over 400 a year in Adobe and in Fox reader.

13 vulnerabilities in Adobe reader last month or MORE! Really :


Your current PDF reader on all your machines has zero day exploits in it right now! (Adobe takes 5 weeks to 18 months to find and fix remote code exploits).

OMG!!! 1,735 zero day exploits in Adobe Acrobat in a list here :


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Is that searchable for titles?

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Yep. Title, author, ISBN, just about any keyword.

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Sure is. I just searched for this book I was looking up earlier today:


Site format is different from other sites but pretty easy to see how things work if you try.

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I got you fam


original file name: Unintended_Consequences.pdf

from this magnet:


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Thanks dude

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Supposedly this is audio, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJvb-w6xnxI

The yt author has a few seperate chapters.

Ill try what apears to be the first 45 minutes.

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...jeez in the incredible age of knowledge you're asking someone else to search for you. Your mom wipe for you too?

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Hay I ask for search locations all the time. Some things are not cut and dry and we all know Google is a waste of time. Ask a goat. Get the best answer or few. Done, no time wasted and!!! It helps others as they see things happen, helps them ask better questions.

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Precisely this. Hard to find niche sites now.

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Yeah, ok.