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Good article. Missed the mechanisation of paper making. Cheap paper helped to reduce the cost of books.

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Did we forget about the Babylonian cylinder seals?

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The paperback is an abomination. Because the pages are merely glued together, they are certain to fall apart after a few decades, at most. The glue dries out and turns to powder. Wood-pulp paper in books is also abominable. It starts to turn yellow almost immediately, and eventually becomes so brittle, the leaves literally fall apart into flakes when you try to turn them. Both trends in bookmaking were unnecessary. A book with a sewn binding that is printed on decent paper will last for centuries. All books should be made this way.

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Interesting article. The illegal book trade actually contributed greatly to the French Revolution, taking away the sacred aura of the monarchy and promoting republican ideas, but most people don't realize that even in late 1700s France a book could still cost as much as a car costs today, after inflation.