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So how do you feel about jews? Lmao. Good collection!

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oh they're fuckin great dude

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Any in here you'd recommend in particular? Other than the big tent poles I mean, obviously we all have AutoCAD 2013 for dummies.

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If someone said, "what should I read first to understand all the rest?"

I'd say Practical Idealism from Kalergi, then World Migration Report 2000, Then the Big Lie from D'Sousa.

From there, you'd be able to form some questions and choose a path.

edit: I haven't read it yet, but if you're a goat, then probably The Sampson Option or Unrestricted Warfare. Those will apply directly to what's happening right now, I think because the war we are in is China vs Israel, with the US as the battlefield, as well as the prize.

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Its seem bizarre that you have a mix of normie conservative stuff, alt-lite stuff, and conspiracy stuff. Even moreso that there doesn't seem to be any effort to sort them by topic or genre. As far as I can tell its just on the shelves without any rhyme or reason.

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The vectorial mechanics for engineers one at the end gave me ptsd.

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Impressive, but you lose a point for gone girl.

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that's the wife's. there's only 6 books she has there.. such as the pope books..