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It would help if the local bookstores around here didnt stock their front windows with Michael obama and other leftist, capitalist hating, subversive propaganda. Now why in the hell would I want to walk into a store that advertises that trash as their pride and glory?

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which bookstores does international shipping and sells various )))forbidden books(((?

i know amazog owns bookdepository so do you know any independent book sellers?

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Nah, the only independent book store left in my town is really fucking gay, it'll be nice to see it gone.

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Barnes and Noble killed most of the book stores here decades ago, and was already in decline before this started and killed off some independent used book stores. Their selection stinks, anyway. Others, probably independent, are closed temporarily or covered in faggot paraphernalia. What's left are boutique shops I couldn't afford even if they carried anything interesting, because they have to make outrageous rent and cater to assholes.

Just download it, instead, or buy direct from the author.

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There are no bookstores where I live, big or small.

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Even those purchases that are done online needn't all go through Amazon. Plenty of merchants use Amazon and also sell through their own websites. I've been making a point of seeking those out, along with supporting local stores.