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Good man.

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Thank you.

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No problem.

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Many many thanks. Sometime we should create a massive post of only important books to download.

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Very cool, saving. Appreciate the post!

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I take it they're not still under copyright--if thats the case do us all a favor and digitize em.

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I just finished digging up archived copied of them. Check below if you want to read any.

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Slayfire122 is the man. I appreciate this.

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That Civil War series is very good. Have not read the whole thing, but it blows the normie narrative completely out of the water using source documentation.

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Interesting..... just like the world wars, civil war history seems to have been severely messed with as time has passed....and of course now libraries are being emptied of any books that might contradict the official narrative

While it can get a little woo in places, you might find this site interesting , and I'm sure they would appreciate anything you turn up in those books - https://www.stolenhistory.org/forums/

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Yeah, if you could have these digitized that would be actually absolutely incredible for humanity. You kind of have a responsibilityat this point :)

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Check back in a bit for an update. I'm pulling up archived copies right now.

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Thank you...for doing that. These items need to be treasured.

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These books are precious! Dont let the feds rip then away from you !

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