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that sounds like a racist book that should be burned and rewritten where blacks create Western civilization as a gift to whites

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Written by deshawn jackson. Re edited by shlomo shecklestein. A truly groundbreaking piece of "human" historical literature.

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Please, Blacks may be magnanimous, but whites would never have deserved such a kingly gift. No, they clearly stole it.

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Wow, could you please post a smaller picture?

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Is Charles Murray the gay guy?


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I almost got caught thinking the same

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The gay neo-Conservative.

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What was the book from the 90s?

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Is it any good?

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A few quibbles. Murray counts some Persian geniuses as "non-white" this brings the total white male acheviements down to only 95%. If you count the ancient Persians it is about 97% of the greatest achievements in Arts, Science and Literature.

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The name Iran IS DERIVED from the word Aryan.

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Can't find a copy of it for less than $50 but this did encourage me to finally get off my ass and get a copy of The Bell Curve. After reading that, if I'm impressed, maybe I'll spend the money on this. Currently working through Will Durant's Story of Civilization so I've got enough history books on my stack at the moment :-D

[–] Dead-Hand [S] ago 

Far better than I expected!

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Anyone got a link to an audio book?

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Adjustment Day by Chuck Pahlanuk is a modern sjw version both worth reading

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Er, not the same book, Mr. FBI guy.

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[–] Dead-Hand [S] ago 

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Arabs discovered algebra. Chinese discovered paper. But humanity discovered electricity and medicine and space travel.

[–] Scablifter ago 

The Arabs discovered chemistry.

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