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I probably wouldn't have said it a few months ago, but I can see a time coming when books will be confiscated and burned. The globalists want all knowledge to be digital, so they can change it at will. One day the enemy is East Asia, the next day it's somebody else. That's harder to do if words persist on paper.

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They're pushing ebooks on children really hard. Just like they're trying to push digital currency. Easier to lock up someone's financials when it's all digital and no cash to round up. Same with how they want to be able to censor books at the drop of a hat. They can know what you are reading and when, what you are highlighting and sharing, and they want to be able to stop you or change things up to prevent what you're learning about. Just look at Wikipedia and the bullshit manipulation that goes on there. You think they wouldn't do the same thing to digital books?

Maybe one day "100 year old history books" in digital form will show direct quotes from the Confederacy where they really did want to secede directly because of slavery. Just imagine how easily it will be for them to forge history to match whatever they want. Direct quotes from Beethoven where he talks about being a proud German of black descent. Newspaper reports where it was 60 million that died during the holocaust. The possibilities are endless.

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That's a good point. I remember bill gates/microsoft wanting to do away with textbooks.


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Not only that. Having books, reading to your children, learning in general is a pathway to privelage. The only way to end privelage is to make everyone just as basic as the lowest beast.

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We have always been at war with Eurasia. East Asia has always been our ally.

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Absolutely. And note the "let the comic books survive and the 3-D porn" --> aka let the Marvel Comics movies reign supreme and PornHub become the norm

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That book needs to be required reading in schools

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It is.

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Yup, we read it as well along with Catcher in the Rye

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It wasn't in my school. Meanwhile To Kill a Mockingbird is. I did get to read it several years after high school and I can see why some teachers might not want to teach it.

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Wanted to add Ray Bradbury was pretty on-point with a lot of his short stories too...

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The Veldt was my favorite!

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Funny thing? Netflix remade this and it went largely ignored...lol, wonder why?

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To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the book either when I first read it years ago for school. The plot itself isn't as interesting as some other dystopian novels, but boy did it predict the way censorship would go down to a t.

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Yeah, I just didnt like being told what to read.

I preferred Equilibrium a little more myself. They added animals to the forbidden list and put everyone on mood regulators, which makes more sense as to why everyone just goes with the flow.

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I heard they made it a little too dark. Same with the adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. Just like they're going to do with Dune and any and all scifi/fantasy classics from here on out.

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I admit, didnt watch. Figured netflix was going to ruin the storyline.

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