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For some reason jews can't deal with metaphor or allegory in their usual subversive and suppressive way. Same shit with Vampire lore being an encoding of jewish effects on local populations in olden times. Or stories like Rumpelstiltskin. Orwell probably figured that out and that's why he wrote Animal Farm and 1984 as one-level-removed fictionalized commentaries that would otherwise have gotten him murdered.

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Holy shit. Rumpelstiltskin went over my head until you mentioned it. Little demon bastard who creates gold from straw (paper money) demands a white firstborn child as payment (generational debt), and can only be defeated when named.

Fucking. Hell.

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I was warned before I even knew what a jew was.

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i didnt know that either. i should reread that one.

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Holy crap... Our ancestors knew, and these stories were telegrams across the ages to warn us.

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Fucking nailed it.

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Psychopaths can't understand metaphor.

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Don't forget in 1984 the controlled opposition character being named Emanuel Goldstein

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Emmanuel Goldstein was a real person who wrote a real book.

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Making and understanding art requires the ability to create, which jews (among others) don't have.

[–] ErwinBlackthorn ago 

they can create lies, that's for sure.

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Try to find a school that still teaches this book or 1984. Unless you're in rural areas, it's going to be few and far between.

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I had to read it along with 1984 in high school, teacher kept insisting they were metaphors for "nat-zees" and "muh fascism".

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We read animal farm and, gasp, Huckleberry Finn. It was interesting reading passages of Huck Finn aloud in class...

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I went to a minority majority school and oh yeah, Huck Finn was my favorite book to read aloud in class. I'm a fast reader so I'd read far ahead of the class. I'd then find the sections with the most use of nigger. I'd wait to volunteer until that section. Then it'd be, bla bla bla NIGGER! bla bla bla NIGGER! I had so much fun with that book. Oddly enough I never got any shit for it.

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I had to read Animal Farm in middle school. The teacher really drove it into our heads.

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We had to read 1984 and Animal farm, and I'm in no rural area. Of course we also read night, which was apparently a falsification.

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"(((Man))) is the only creature that consumes without producing. (((He))) does not

give milk, (((he))) does not lay eggs, (((he))) is too weak to pull the plough, (((he)))

cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet (((he))) is lord of all the

animals. (((He))) sets them to work, (((he))) gives back to them the bare minimum that

will prevent them from starving, and the rest (((he))) keeps for himself. Our

labour tills the soil, our dung fertilises it, and yet there is not one of

us that owns more than his bare skin."

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This reminds me of communists complaining about billionaires. Can you guys remember how shitty it was dealing with taxi cabs before Uber? Yeah, they're a shitty company and were basically running on investor dollars, but coming back from the airport and not having to deal with nigger/pajeet taxi drivers in filthy cabs and worrying about getting murdered is a nice service that I now have the option to use. That's a lot of value provided to a lot of people with the creation of a simple cellphone app.

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implying not all of the uber drives are immigrant shitskins who stink

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Look at his book titles:

1933 – Down and Out in Paris and London
1934 – Burmese Days
1935 – A Clergyman's Daughter
1936 – Keep the Aspidistra Flying
1937 – The Road to Wigan Pier
1938 – Homage to Catalonia 
1939 – Coming Up for Air

All of them from the perspective of a rootless person; rich enough to travel; vetted enough to get published; and important enough to be propagandized forward for nearly a century by known criminals. He was an agent of the system; his (?) works were and still are tools of subversion. They established a roadmap for the masses to subconsciously anticipate going forward, while creating plausible deniability (CIA term) for their crimes, because who is to blame for not putting fantasy and reality together, but those who are losing themselves easily in the fantasy, but shirk any responsibility to the reality?

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I get a lot of push back on my condemnation of Orwell. People like to say he (along with Huxley) was warning us, but I don't think so. He (and Huxley) were Fabians. He knew what was up. I don't think he was warning us. I think he was rubbing our noses in it. He was showing what he believed was inevitable, and wanted to show us that there was nothing we can do about it. I did a research paper on Orwell in high school. He always struck me vagabond type.

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I'm going to give you 3 stars and a happy face for nailing it. Orwell was the demented executioner who was describing to the subject how he was going to slowly execute them.

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It's the ritual 'reveal' to the victim.

If the victim doesn't react to stop it, it's considered as approval of this one-sided contract.

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I get a lot of push back on my condemnation of Orwell.

It's called cult of personality and refers to idolatry. Those who fell for idolatry accept a mental contract of beleif; where they believe in the idol and what it stands for. In this case that has nothing to do with the human called Orwell, but the product it sells, which is the image created around the idol by those who control the means of propaganda; the marketing; those influencer who sway public opinion towards hidden agendas (capitalism being the more obvious one, but the bottom of nefarious agendas under that is bottomless), and the financiers behind it all.

You first have to understand and locate the infrastructure behind any given idol to get an idea about their agendas. Once you those isolated to a negative intent towards the audience; the person who stands for the actual idol becomes totally replaceable. Orwell could be a complete construct; some Rosicrucian agent or an early asset for the Tavistock Institute. It's irrelevant who he was, because historical revisionism will form whatever those in control what to be known, while cleaning up the rest.

When it comes to dealing with the believers you cannot participate in the "my belief against your belief" conflict, because the contract of belief to sell the idol was designed to create just that conflict as a means to control two massive groups with one idol; believer and non-believer, which are all social engineering continuations of atheist, infidel, goyim etc. They brand the opposition to their doctrine to control them through the conflict. In terms of Orwell you have those who read both mainstream books, then read up on the mainstream history and represent then the believers of that idol. This is how all history works, and then there is the (semi) hidden alternative history, which you talk, which questions the mainstream version by drawing connections to the crimes hidden underneath. This you will also find across all of history (his story; a lie agreed upon), and it's by design.

The deliberately allow the alternative version of history to exist, because it helps those in control to a) clear their hands of karma for the crimes committed by putting it out in the open and thereby unload the responsibility on our ignorance of falling for it over and over again, b) to caste plausible deniability onto the connection across all of history, c) as an ongoing control machine to study which of their deceptions work and for how long, and d) to make myth about the hidden hand of organized crime that controls the world from the shadows, to discredit those who try to expose to the masses who believe the mainstream version that is propagandized to them 24/7.

What you need to try is to engage in a discussion that gets the believers to question the act of blindly believing in everything presented; because the very act of holding a belief is the natural temptation of selfishness. This ecosystem is based on constant movement, which demands adaptation from us; not holding beliefs (stagnation) .

He always struck me vagabond type.

Correct. Always go by your instincts first, and build your research on that. Also; always start your research from the opposite of what is presented to you.

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Was it Huxley that did a hit of acid while he was dying?

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Orwell was a rootless person who was rich enough to travel though. He was an Etonian who wanted to learn how the common people lived. He made a better effort than most at understanding the plight of the poor, but in many ways he was the precursor to the modern day SJW. Basically he was the rich guy wanted to show how deeply he cared for the poor and stood up to represent the interests of the poor - class guilt instead of white guilt really.

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

You have a wonderful way with words.

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It's all based on constant adaptation to the inspiration I receive from others.

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wonderfully thought out reply. and very cogent and accurate IMO.

Julian Huxley was responsible for writing the treaty of Versailles, Auldous Huxley was his brother. Auldous was Orwell Mentor and teacher (?). they were clearly part of the "intellectual elite" (although not knowing enough about any of these men, I can't critique on their personal opinions.) Still, I am glad they wrote such amazing literature. though you are correct in your analysis IMO. and the works are tools of subversion.

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Every thread

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they made a movie. when I was in school the school itself wanted the movie shown but my Social Studies teacher wasnt having it, she Made us read the book. one of the damn best teachers from the 4 grade schools I went to.

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the pigs are the jews. the movie they live is a lot better in my opinion and more blunt so stupid americans might be able to get it.

[–] ShakklezthaKlown ago 


just ignore the part where the negro and white man unite after a blatantly drawn out fight to convince.

stay divided. kill eachother.

bring the apocalypse so the 144000 are revealed.

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He also flatly denounced the world Jewry theories proffered by the likes of Henry Ford.

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Great read, it's an under the radar inoculation against communism disguised in an allegory

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