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Always be aware of changes made to ebooks. Keep your ebook collections on drives that are not connected to the web. The reason for digital books and the massive google scanning of books since the 90s (or longer) is for them to have the ability to change everything at their convenience. Like, multi-edit all books at once for easy historical revisionism. We will see this happening the more real life libraries are destroyed because of "modernization". It's all part of the transhumanism agenda.

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Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

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Predictive programming. All publishing is a vetting process of what information gets disseminated to those who are not in control. 1984 is also a "sleight of hand" move to wash their hands of guilt for deceiving us, by showing us the truth out in the open (which is why the same books and movies are pushed through the generations). That washing the hands of guilt ritual is based on avoiding karma through talmudic reasoning utilizing contract law. That means they sell something destructive by showing the truth of it first, then clouding it and our perception of it under deceptions to trick us into doing the negative actions to ourselves. This way they tricked karma by showing us the whole trap they set, while leaving out their intention, and then manipulate us to agree to our own self destruction. For example all their justice system crimes can be found within the legalese of their terms and conditions, but nobody reads it, because they hid the crucial parts under a mountain of utter nonsense; same with updated license agreements online, and the terms and conditions in any commercial contract.

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he woke

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Googles Operation Historical Gaslight

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What do you expect to find there but lies? As a side-effect of all their lies; you can use their cover-up for your benefit. Go to any of their fact checking/debunking sites, chose any topic and use anything they debunk under it as a reference point to research the exact opposite. Their efforts to debunk every little detail of any given (((conspiracy))) makes them look even more crazy. It's so funny.

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sha512sum hashes

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Well, now I have something to improve my lacking technology vocabulary. Thanks.

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Libgen.pw Is another one to add to the libgen series.

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I love librivox audiobooks, narrated by volunteers.

Sadly, the Disney-sponsored Mickey Mouse copyright law keeps so many books and videos, from the mid-1920s on, from tbe public domain. The dividing line is strategically before the release of the short film 'Steamboat Willie,' Mickey's debut.

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Yeah, I listen to alot of librivox audiobooks as well. Sometimes it takes a while to find something of interest, but alot of the 18th and 19th century histories have been amazing.

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I liked

Chesterton, Man Who Was Thursday

Anythimg by H Beam Piper

You have any recommendations?

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FB and TWATTER both blocked the lists.

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I like it

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Thank you for this. I don't really like reading on my phone but it's something. With all these riots and all this shit, what I really want most in life is libraries to be open. Call me silly, but I want some Dickens and Dostoevsky in my life right now hard.

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Creative Commons retweeted Wikimedia's BLM endorsement.

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SciHub is to journals what LibGen is to books.

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Thanks added it. You can access journal articles through both zlibrary and genesis project, though at times it can be hard to find newer studies. The search feature looks cool. Thanks for sharing.

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SciHub is great because it doesnt even keep its own repository, it accesses the publisher archives directly with leaked university credentials, and therefore basically cant be turned off, except the usual domain name whack-a-mole.

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Fuck off with your edited jewish ebooks. Waste of time!!!

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