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this book does provide a unique, very detailed and accurate history of Israel’s hundreds of extrajudicial killings over the past fifty plus years.

Hundreds? Probably thousands.


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The back-stabbing Jews assassinated JFK before he could dismantle their stolen, rogue nuclear weapons program.

Following the nuclear war narrowly averted by The Cuban Missile Crisis... Kennedy wanted to aggressively lock down all nuclear weapons proliferation. THIS INCLUDED ISRAEL.

JFK literally said "No" to Ben Gurion's push for Israel's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

THE CLASH began in 1960, when the outgoing Eisenhower administration sought an explanation for the mysterious construction near Dimona. It was told that this top-secret activity in the middle of the desert was a harmless textile plant, and no, it could not come and visit. Classified spy photos were then published on the front page of The New York Times (yes, the CIA spied on the Jewish state, with or without forged passports).

When president Kennedy took office in 1961, the disagreement became a full-blown crisis. Like Obama, Kennedy was not inherently hostile (unlike Jimmy Carter), but he did not have a special sympathy for the Jewish people. His advisers urged continuous pressure, assuming that Israel would have no choice but to accept US demands. Every high-level meeting or communication repeated the demand for inspection of Dimona. One form of pressure was to deny Ben-Gurion an invitation to the White House – his May 1961 meeting with Kennedy was a low-key affair at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, and was dominated by this issue.

Ben Gurion LIES To JFK To Stall U.S. Inspections Of Illegal Dimona Nuclear Weapons Program Site

Ben Gurion resigns just before Kennedy was assassinated.

Ben-Gurion is said to have been "nearly obsessed" with Israel obtaining nuclear weapons, feeling that a nuclear arsenal was the only way to counter the Arabs' superiority in numbers, space, and financial resources, and that it was the only sure guarantee of Israel's survival and the prevention of another Holocaust.[61]

Ben-Gurion stepped down as prime minister for personal reasons in 1963, and chose Levi Eshkol as his successor. A year later a rivalry developed between the two on the issue of the Lavon Affair, a failed 1954 Israeli covert operation in Egypt. Ben-Gurion had insisted that the operation be properly investigated, while Eshkol refused. Ben-Gurion subsequently broke with Mapai in June 1965 and formed a new party, Rafi, while Mapai merged with Ahdut HaAvoda to form Alignment, with Eshkol as its head. Alignment defeated Rafi in the November 1965 election, establishing Eshkol as the country's leader.

JFK follows up and demands inspects from Ben Gurion's successor Levi Eshkol dated July 5, 1963

When a U.S. president demanded inspections of a nuclear facility in the Middle East (and failed)

In July 1963, President Kennedy demanded of the newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister that he allow U.S. inspections of the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona to make sure that the plant was “devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes.” U.S. support for Israel would be “seriously jeopardized” if the U.S. could not get information on doings at the facility, Kennedy said.

Kennedy stated his demands in a letter to Levi Eshkol dated July 5, 1963, less than ten days after Eshkol became prime minister of Israel. The document is in the Israel State Archive, and is online at the National Security Archive, in a section titled Israel and the Bomb.

  • JFK Is Assassinated 4 months later .... and LBJ allows Israel to literally fake the "Inspections" process.

Israel literally stole the initial enriched nuclear material from the United States.

Israel stole nuclear triggers from the United States via ((( Hollywood ))) producers ... literally that guy that produced "Fight Club".

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