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Nope, I was an adult when the first book was published. My wife told me that many adults are reading it even though it's in the children's section of the book store. I started reading it and was quickly hooked. Loved the story.

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Yeah and I saw every bit of plagirism in the books. I'm sure the lady can write a story but she definitely stole most of Harry Potter ideas from other authors.

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To be fair, writing fantasy usually involves walking the fine line between paying homage to the creatures and magic of other authors and plagiarizing it.

Nonetheless, Rowling is egotistical enough to proclaim herself more subtle than C. S. Lewis, more humorous than Tolkien, and a better character-maker than Dorothy Sayers, all the while taking their ideas.

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There is a rationale to Harry Potter appearing ineffectual in the final book, and this is that Harry Potter is a sort of analogue of Christ, voluntarily dying to conquer all by some sort of mystical paradox that is beyond human understanding - Aslan pulls a similar trick in the Narnia books.

OTOH from the early books on J K Rowling always insisted that everything was plotted out to a series conclusion - but, like a lot of authors - J K Rowling's main character strength wasn't solid reliability and dependability (she talks about plotting the books out in her head when she was supposed to be working as a secretary) and I don't think she had enough work done ahead of time that she could sustain all of her tremendous imagination and creativity through to the end of the series (though I did like Half-Blood Prince a lot, which not everybody did).

The author David Drake uses quite detailed outlines (some of which are his contribution to a collaboration) and reckons that the difference between writers who use outlines and writers who don't is that writers who don't have a lot of half-finished works lying around that they can't bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Nowadays Rowling would claim Harry Potter was based on Mohamed's life and not the life of Christ.

It is ironic how the Harry Potter books have come full circle in terms of its relationship to Christianity. The arguments about whether the books were encouraging or discouraging a relationship with Christ based on the magic systems have now just devolved into anti-traditional political and racial statements by their author.

I think Rowling did end the series in a satisfactory way, but now she is just embarrassing herself with retconning her main series and writing sequels the read like fanfiction.

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Yes, as we all know, the true Method of Rationality, are Karate and mall-ninja level spurg pageantry.

edit: HP is a totally vacuous story, though. No argument on that.

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That argument is retarded

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I thought I did, but I don't remember Hermione being black, Dumbledore being gay, Nagini being and Asian woman, and Voldemort being Trump.

I must have read something else.

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Nope. I was already an adult when the first Harry Potter books were being published and overly hyped. When I saw this scene on youtube years later and learned it was an accurate depiction of an incident in the stories and later learned how it was concluded I added that to the pile of information which led me to conclude that Joanne K Rowling was a sociopath.

From what I understand of Greek Mythology, Centaurs rape women, and to see a scene where a character, even an antagonist, would be dragged off to such a fate, only to appear later in shock from being gang raped by centaurs to be laughed by children for such a trauma, I realized that Joane Rowling had no soul and could no longer be considered a human being. I hope she burns in hell brighter than a magnesium flare for all eternity.

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they shoulda grabbed hermione then instead of ugly old umbridge

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Can't. Hermoine was apparently the token protected minority.

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The Centaurs of Harry Potter seemed to be more based off the stoic Chiron version of the creatures then the barbarians of the Centauromachy. They were portrayed as feeling to superior to humans to be likely to violate them in such a way.

Also, writing as a member of the Centaur community myself, I will hope you will refrain from spreading racist stereotypes about sexually aggressive Centaurs. Such rumors were myths created by human-supremacist Greeks to justify their xenophobic and unjust segregation of Centaurs and Satyrs from their society. Our community still struggles with the painful memories of our past oppression.