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Glukhovsky is a cool motherfucker hes not political. He wrote metro as a cool fantasy novel and he just makes money off the books and gets hot russian chicks. Check out his instagram hes a cool dude. The series has nazis but they arent even really portrayed as scum of the earth because everyones in a fight to survive in the metro.

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I don't remember any political bias.

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Are you asking because of the game? I've been meaning to read it, but haven't yet.

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No. Never played the game. I can't stand FPS.

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It has the usual "le nazis are bad, bald and dumb" shtick, followed by "le Trotskyists are so cool they even have a pet nigger in post apocalyptic Moscow metro", but that's a single time in the entire story when the author couldn't help himself and had to blatantly jew. Overall the book is a solid post apo Odyssey-like adventure. I don't regret I read it, it was pretty fresh thingy in SF when it came out.

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No. Tell us what happens. Is it about a futuristic subway train with sexy passengers? There's too many books. Stupid people should quit writing books. Someone should make sure books are good before they print more than 1 of them.