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I have that book! Tattered paperback now STILL in my nightstand, but don't get it out. Excellent book. Bach's Canons and fugues and their construction (math). Theory of incompleteness, Escher's work (some Dali too I think). Got it from cousin as a teenager. My INTRODUCTION into an infinite world of thinking I had never even suspected existed. I naturally ended up in Computer Science.

Good book for a teen, who is intelligent, but perhaps unexposed (bored) to the fact there ARE thinking people out there, BIG thinkers who think in ways that make you think and RESPECT them, and they've been around for a LONG, LONG time. Quite refreshing after an exclusive pop culture bullshit diet for most of your life.

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Wow! I am going to have to pick this book up! Thank you for the suggestion.

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The most thought provoking book I have.

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It is in fact a good book, potentially even paradigm-changing for those who read it. It covers everything from philosophy, problems in mathematical logic, artificial intelligence, psychology, Zen Buddhism, and references to the music of Bach and art of Escher, of course.

Bottom line: "logic" isn't what we think it is, ego is a self-referential construct, and consciousness is transcendental.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This book is definitely going into my collection.

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