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a veritable barrage of lies and calumnies against the man whom they believed to be the most redoubtable of their adversaries

explains why they target whites, specifically those willing to fight to preserve the race (straight conservative males)

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The Protestant White male is the strongest force on earth. Of course they're trying to destroy him.

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These protestant white males, of course, being the same people who felt that crosses had to be removed from churches to make them more accommodating to the "refugees" they took in and who also felt women and gay people were just fine as priests.

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Hitler rejected Christianity, as did his sidekick, Himler.

Under his reign, Germans had to get permission to marry and reproduce, and all marriages were performed by the state, with ancient German, Thule paganism tossed in. Hitler wanted to bring back the ancient Roman paganism that the people believed in when they captured Rome. Himler was much darker, and built a room that was fully dedicated to the black sun/black cube, where political prisoners met very bad ends.

Edit to note:

Hitler literally gave his speech about the Final Solution on a stage replicated on Satan's Seat mentioned in Revelations..."I know where you are...Pergamon...satan's throne."

Satan's throne was literally moved to Berlin in the late 1800's. It was finally opened to public view in 1933, where Hitler's architect saw it. He then replicated it exactly for Hitler's speech. Satan's temple is still in Berlin. But it display has been closed for some years for renovations. It was supposed to reopen in 2019, but recent delays made them announce that it would reopen 2023.

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Strongest force on earth? I’d go with money or sex. A white Protestant can be bought or brought down by either

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If your Protestant, dont you think God is the strongest force on Earth?

Christians- one logical fallacy after another.

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we only seek to protect ourselves you nosey goy...just mind your own business and quit questioning us

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Give no quarter to critique without crime or accusation without evidence.

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Lol when you're brought up being taught by the school system and media that Hitler was a mad man, then you realize he was absolutely right about a lot of things.

Great redpill moments.

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Hitler hit a few nails on the head, got financed by the Rothchilds (zionists), and sucked hard as a military leader, all while telling God to fuck Himself.

What a great tactician.

Then he faked his death and ran off to South America like a fucking coward.

Quite the hero.

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got financed by the Rothchilds

Didn't happen.

sucked hard as a military leader

Didn't happen; his generals disobeyed him.

all while telling God to fuck Himself.

Didn't happen. NSDAP Germany banned all books critical of Christianity. Are you capable of telling the truth at all?

Then he faked his death and ran off to South America like a fucking coward.

lol, guess not

Quite the hero.

Oy vey.

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Ironic considering he became a living demonstration of his own words, as "the most redoubtable of their adversaries."

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There was more money to gain from war and endless reparations than there was to gain from prosperity. It allowed the expansion of fractional reserve banking and limitless debt. It acted as a release valve for pent up resentment and orchestrated the removal of many brave and manly men. The effects of which can be felt today. Masculinity on the fall and femininity on the rise. The destruction of traditional family values and structure. The ever more reliance on government actors for things so simple as snow removal or even personal transportation.


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Feminine masculinity on the rise, and Masculine femininity also on the rise. Masculinity and femininity in terminal decline.

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he's literally Hitler

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Wait until you get to the part where he talks about media. Literally exactly what is happening today.

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Oh shit

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typical kike tactics

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To put it in the more modern vernacular, never apologize to the left.

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They aren't happy with an apology. An apology is admitting fault, so they dig in.

If someone steps on my toe, I'd like an apology. I accept the apology and remember that I too have stepped on toes. But if a leftist feels pressure on their toes, they will go looking for the toe crusher and try to destroy them. They aren't worried about finding the guilty party, just a worthy target.

Him! He stepped on my toe! And if he didn't, he'd step on other's toes, I'm sure!

Oh, me? I didn't realize. Sorry, I meant no...

See! He's a toe-stepper! We need to punish him and all like him!

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That's exactly right. Not only that, they have to consistently destroy that person over and over to satisfy their attention whoring needs.

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