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Reading a book is a different experience than reading something digitally.

Studies have been done that show people learn better with a book due to the 'physicality' of a book. Also, it is more relaxing to read a book because the reader is typically unplugged from digital media and becomes more engrossed in what is being read.

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I got some books for Christmas. I do not want to look at a screen all the time. They cannot change a physical book also.

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I'm an avid reader and became spoiled after I received an e-book for Christmas two years ago. It was so easy to shop for and buy a book over the net. But after a while I began missing the visits to the local book store to browse the stacks and have some coffee and pie while I figured out which book I would take home. Heck, in B&N I could sit in a comfy chair and read the book for free. Well, now the e-book sits on the shelf and I go shopping for another real book.

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My wife asked why I stopped getting/reading e-books. I said they can't come and remove a real book from my possession. They can't force me to get an updated version of the book.