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Reading every story in the Big Book of Nursery Rhymes only counts as one, Earl.

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damn what the fuck

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What was your favorite?

I didnt read 90, but i have a few down (mostly testbooks for cont. education) and a few fun ones.

Also, youre not one of those that listens to audio-books and says they 'read it' are you?

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'How to prove you're not a nigger'.

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Reading is so weird. The only form of entertainment that is seen as prestigious.

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Quoting or referencing high brow literature = status

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Reading is weird because it is, essentially, a form of telepathy/mind control. You use code (words) to induce processes in other person's brain which have a hypnotic effect and construct a whole new reality to the reader, making him see, hear and feel things that do not actually exist as if they were real. When you read a decades old letter you are actually looking at geometric shapes scattered on paper, but instead you hear the voice and perceive the thoughts transmitted to you by the person who wrote it. It is a true magic.

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The only form of entertainment that is seen as prestigious.

You forgot theater, opera and ballet. The forms of entertainment which used to be common, for the lack of TV, and somehow transitioned into the category of "sophisticated ".

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No I didn't. I'd describe that as pompous.

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Thanks for reminded me to turn off this goddam internet and read a fucking book, i read all the time before it came along.

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I just added EarlPoncho as a friend on GoodReads. I now know what comic books came out this year.


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you are now blessed

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how the hell do I add him on goodreads. I searched his name and nothing came up.

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"Books" is a terrible unit of measurement.

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every book is read is about 3 books long

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So you're reading 1.7 books per week?

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Reading is the easy a part.

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Not putting an extra word in your sentence is the hard part.

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https://i.imgtc.com/MJRI5fY.png a consistent goal met

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This is bugging me. What the fuck am I missing?

E: He's falsely claiming he read too much?

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Nothing. He's just bragging, presumably to motivate you to read more.

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Great job, man. I am soon completing my 30 books challenge. You are way out of my league. How many pages did you read then? You can view it under "my books">"stats"

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