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... But after a short time in isolation, these boys grow homesick and eventually return to their families. The loneliness the boys feel represents their obligations to society ...

And this is how you should feel about this subjective news opinion piece ... fuck off.

E: Love Mark Twain. This opinionated writer can suck my dick.

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I reluctantly have to award you a big “whoosh” it went over your head too. Faggot.

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What didn’t he get?

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This represents your insecurity. We should all feel that pizza_mine is dumb. What this means to you is that pizza is bad, mine is worse, and pizza_mine is the worst. Your agenda for tomorrow will be posted at 6AM fellow white NPCs.

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I challenge anyone to name a better icon for America.

Everything from his subject matter to his style, and then his entire critical and satirical attitude and use of free speech is so American; I just struggle to name someone who I would want to represent the true American more than him and his work. /end rant I love this man

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you know if he was alive today he would be some high and mighty libshit