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One thing everyone should understand is that everyone in the world is racist to some degree.

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And whites are less racist, and less violent in their expression of racism, than any other racial group.

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If diversity is so great NYT, why is it a full time job to make it work?

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What's wipipo?

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It's how blapepo pronounce wipepo.

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How blacks pronounce "white people"

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https://archive.fo/qy53k :

The Books We Read to Help Us Understand Racism - The New York Times

'The bevy of black male writers pictured above are celebrated in a new cover story by T Magazine. '

'The year has nearly come to an end, which means it’s a good time for reflection and to catch up on some reading. '

'What’s interesting about the feature is how it uses America’s current obsession with black male authors to raise questions about the visibility of their female peers. '

'To mitigate this tension, the men in the piece were asked to recommend their favorite black American female author. '

' She also mentioned “Silver Pennies,” a collection of poems for young boys and girls by Blanche Jennings Thompson. '

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