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Accurate pic of me before and aft voat.co

Kind of a bummer in some ways. I noticed recently during thanksgiving I couldn't share all the dog pictures I would normally have from browsing reddit. Instead, I had infographics on jews in MSM, color of crime, etc. lmao

Ironic how reddit, trying to squelch wrongthink and sanitize itself to the point of being a faggy echo-chamber of sponsored shareblue crap and marvel trailers and starwars, via banning/"quarantining" thoughtcrime subs like /r/cringeanarchy, they actually just pushed me further to the right.

Classic question of the virtues for ignorance vs knowledge. I'm glad I know who my masters are, but at the same time, I wish I could still just save peoples pictures of dogs, and learn about cool stuff in comments at reddit, and be able to stomach all the leftist cant I get exposed to every day at ground zero for faggotry. Reddit changed though--only so much cock one can suck.

Now I mostly just get redpills for content, and the comments are invariably "niggerkike". I wouldn't go anywhere else, because THERE IS NOWHERE else anymore for free speech and "whatever." But guess that's how it goes. Yin-yang faggots; thesis-antithesis. Harder leftists try, harder jews try to jew, the more apparent it becomes. Just keep it coming democrats, you're doing all the hard work for us.

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I don't understand why most people need redpills to gravitate to the right.

I feel like I'm born right-wing and will always be right-wing. Leftist values are all simply, illogical.

I mean 100+ countries are not cultural marxist libtarded, and only like several countries are led by libtarded regimes, this means that right-wing conservatism is the default value for human society, the the alternative value is anything but normal.

Is basic biology insufficient to explain basic things like marriage is between a man and a woman? Or is a typical liberal behavior such as cutting your dick to enter female toilet sounds normal?

I'm thinking like, the western education system is compromised. It's like you go to school only to graduate and believing that gender is a spectrum. It's kinda fucked up if you think about it.

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I would completely agree that right-wing values are more organic. I have always been more right-wing than my peers. It's honestly just something children plainly see and parents instinctively teach their children because--ultimately--conservatism is about pragmatism, and it's ethics are based on experience and realpolitik over normative idealism. Doesn't matter how "progressive" you are--if you are walking with your kids and there's a group of blacks ahead, you cross the street. When I say "liberal," I literally mean "liberty"--freedom--free speech, free expression, freedom to arm ourselves.

It's just as you said, leftist values are simply illogical; I'd consider it wilful and irresponsible warm glow bullshit, dropped at the first sign of inconvenience. It necessarily requires a lack of self-knowledge and critical thought, or insincerity. Both of which I would consider transgressive, a sort of violation of natural being.

I remember reading an article in the jew-york times last year about how north Berkeley residents are frothing and making noise at city-hall about a new housing development being made in a north-berkeley neighborhood. For those who aren't from the bay area, all you need to know about north berkeley is that the areas closest to campus are mostly students--which these days now means Chinese nationals since the UC system and California itself is absurdly inept in economic policy, and needs foreign money--while everything 2-3 blocks beyond is jew-central. I mention because it's so satisfying being able to understand how this event unfolds.

North berkeley is mostly single-family homes. Very nice, "quaint," walkable and definitely a slow-pace feel. An excellent neighborhood, though not as obviously monied as areas in north oakland or claremont or piedmont or the hills (which are some of the nicest areas in oakland/berkeley), or further east in the obviously wealthy, predominantly successful white and asian lamorinda, or the gawdy, new-money, LA-style walnut creek. So to that respect, people who are more "real," more "intellectual," more jew and more no-kids (if you have kids, you would undoubtedly opt for lamorinda) tend to live in the oakland/berkeley places. The home prices are relatively the same, foot-for-foot.

Anyway, so I guess there's some ugly house in this N Berkeley neighborhood, that residents hated. Pretty shabby, derelict. They got excited when they heard it was on the market (ie, the elderly owner passed), since the next tenant would undoubtedly clean it up....Except that a commercial real-estate builder bought the property, and planned on building two duplexes. NYT made a great point about the housing crisis in the Bay (too many newfags, illegals, and soyboy invasion), and about how all the people in the neighborhood either tangentially supported affordable housing developments, or directly (by their voting habits).

Two duplexes would obviously give the opportunity for families of lesser income to live in a desirable area with good schools. Now that the enlightened leftists ACTUALLY had to deal with the consequences of their supposed beliefs and ethics, ie open-borders, importing trash, diversity, blah blah blah, they were FURIOUS. N Berkeley is for SINGLE-FAMILY HOMES!!! Neighborhoods bound together to fight the purchase and development. And as far as I read, there had been a drawn out legal battle for months at that point already.

I just love this story because it's so quintessentially leftist. So tolerant! So open-minded! So progressive!...until you actually have to deal with the effects and consequences of your ethics instead of the lower-mid whites whom you hate so much. Like Cuckerberg criticising the Wall and immigration reform--while he bought out his entire fucking neighborhood so he wouldn't have to deal with neighbors. Classic leftism, jewry. Oh no, I meant diversity for YOU not me!

There's an even more satisfying irony, really truly, for those of us who enjoy a really fine glass of leftist mental retardation. The town-hall policies in the lamorinda area have always explicitly prohibited things like duplexes or section-8 housing. Some areas, the roads are total shit, apparently because, in rejecting California's bravely enlightened and selfless and progressive regressive agendas (and thereby maintaining some modicum of community and civility and safety), they do not receive state funds for road maintainence and other things (oh but they're still the highest taxed, most important socio-economic group anyway). So the enlightened and progressive folks in the "real shit," (albeit equally against actual diversity and just as rich) areas of oakland/berkeley/albany and SF have often been critical of the policies of those God-damned red counties in east bay, and their awful, disgusting, racist policies. But at the faintest whisper of inconvenience from "progressivism" and the leftists unmask themselves as the deplorable, insincere, degenerate hypocrites they actually are.

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Its information context. The allegory of the cave is appropriate for most people. If you're ever only fed a single source of information, how would you even know that there are other ways of thinking/seeing the world?

Part of the purpose of a school (private or public) is to indoctrinate (sounds bad, not that bad most of the time) kids into a certain culture. (Catholic parents wanting their kids to be Catholic, and so on). Historically in the U.S. the opportunity was used to build belief in American/Constitutional ideals. If you're interested in subverting an entire nation, you need to subvert their ways of thinking about the world. Which is why it's pushed by some (((people))), that hating your own country is hip/in-vogue. See every celebrity/leftist response to any politician doing anything patriotic for the country.

Multiply that line of thinking/action by decades and then you have fuckheads like David Pook, who wrote parts of Common Core curriculum used in public schools across the US, using THIS ideology (direct quote from him) "The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that, as a white male in society, I'm given a lot of privilege that I didn't earn. I think it's really important that all kids get an equal opportunity to learn how to read. And I think I had decided advantages as a result of who I was."

This fucking dickhead thought existing school curriculum was 'too easy for whites (and asians), and too hard for everyone else', so he decided to insert a ton of 1984 'newspeak' bullshit where facts/logic/problem solving dont matter and only some willful adherence to what your told is the right answer is good instead. Look at this insane shit for 2nd/3rd graders : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BZSEIACCYAAP16Y.jpg ; because apparently teaching your kid 6x8=48 is bad, now its 6x8=(5+1)x8. The problems are so deliberately unintuitive that most kids couldn't possibly solve them, which leads them to deliberately rely on someone of authority to help solve it (while making sure they're all dumb as fucking bricks because the questions are nonsense).

"If we make the white kids as dumb as the black ones on purpose, and make it so they can only appeal to people of authority for their understanding of the world, we can tell them whatever we want" - (((JUICE)))

And people wonder why homeschooling is becoming so popular. Huh, maybe people just don't want their kids to be pumped full of newspeak bullshit.

Honestly, leftists securing Universities and halls of higher education (and pushing that Uni degrees were mandatory or you'll never survive out there) was a very clever tactic, because even if you homeschool your kid until College/University, juice junkies get 4 years of a no parents/young and easily manipulated environment to undo it all or at least make them confused and unsure about everything.

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Just saw left on v/awww

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Lol.. so true.

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Picture make me lol.

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You have to be gritty to understand the JQ.

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Who is the person on the right?

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The new Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty.

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Grammar plz