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I am kind of hoping China will help put good movies on the market again, since Hollywood makes nothing but shit now.

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Chinese movies aren't bad. They're really high budget. I prefer Korean and Japanese movies, though.

China owns a lot of stock in Hollywood, you know.

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Best case scenario the based chink movie industry makes shit better than hollygoy and forces "them" to not show their noses as often.

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https://files.catbox.moe/mklggf.png :

The Wandering Earth could be China’s breakout sci-fi blockbuster film - The Verge

'The adaptation, directed by Guo Fan, is slated to be released in February 2019, and it’ll be China’s first big-budget science fiction film. '

'The Chinese film industry clearly recognized that the story is perfect fodder for a science fiction blockbuster. '

'The Wandering Earth is based on a story by Cixin Liu, the author best known for The Three-Body Problem, and, more recently, Ball Lightning. '

'According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Wandering Earth is China’s “first full-scale interstellar” film. '

'The ambitions and budgets in the Chinese film industry are steadily growing. '

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