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Geez, full blown beta grimace and everything.

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he's screaming his negative energy at the universe or whatever drivel they used to justify their scream at the sky day. https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/359531-protesters-scream-at-the-sky-to-mark-anniversary-of-trumps-election

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I'm finding that it's not as difficult as I expected to hurl these once beloved franchises (Star Wars and Star Trek) out of my life. If they thought that pulling the curtains back on their nefarious agenda would be ignored for the sake of nostalgia, they were incorrect.

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They're so cute at that age when they screw up their faces, clench their fists and kick their little legs.

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You're intruding on his safe space!!!!

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Edit: Sorry double post.

I like the old EU; Republic commandos, Thrawn, Xwing series are all books on my regular reread list. There are some of the new EU books that are good. Lost Stars was a surprise and the new Thrawn books are tolerable. On the whole though, I miss the old EU.

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The Zahn books are still some of my favorites. Just good, well written sci-trash.

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I tried reading Aftermath but couldn't get past the first chapter or two, and attempted the New Hope anthology. I've really started to shy away from them which is sad b/c I grew up with SW and really enjoyed reading the books. Now I just reread the legends content. And for anthologies the Tales from books where tons better than the new anthologies.

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Crybaby shithead.