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There were a series of ostensibly channeled works like this in the 20th century. At one time I started collecting and comparing information from them (including the Urantia Book, the Seth material, and some others), all I could conclude was that all of them made a lot of unprovable statements and they couldn't all be right at the same time. I think some/many of these were spin-offs as if from some kind of CIA cult programs, in the same way that intelligence spooks used to hang out with people like Aleister Crowley back in the day. Edgar Cayce's stuff is the only one I've seen convincingly verified independently.

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I think you are right, if you look at the reviews of the book every single one of them is very cultly. "this book changed my life forever", "I've been studying this book for 30+ years" it's very interesting really. I can't seem to find one negative review on it, I'll probably still read it with that in mind, I consider myself very skeptical so I don't think I'll fall into the trap.

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I know someone who is majorly into that book. It is intensely long. I shall read it some day. Maybe.

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It is incredibly long. I tried to read it, but the craziness beat me.

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I had a friend that followed some Urantia cult leader and it destroyed is life.

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Could you please tell me more? My "friend" is practically a cult leader for the past 15 years. He could cause a lot of harm if he chose to.

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Do you know there thoughts on it? I want to pick it up too but 2,000 pages is 2,000 pages. My first instinct is troll book, but then why fake a book that's 2k pages? That would be some dedication.

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Muhammad wrote a ton. Joseph Smith wrote a ton. L. Ron Hubbard wrote a ton. Someone reverse-engineered the Vulcan language. J.R.R. Tolkien invented complete languages for his character species.

Anyway, I don't know much about what he thinks of it. Except to say that he fell in love with it and reads it every day and it has changed his mostly new age, woo woo, vegan spiritual, let's be like God, secular jew ways to a sort of quasi Christian, meat and dairy eating, semi-scientific, but totally obsessed, kind of revival.

Of course, it could all be coincidental with other events in his life.

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It's total bs. If it wasn't bs why isn't it public domain like the bible? someone is making money off of it.

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The Wheel of TIme series covers a bit over 11,000 pages. Some people read it yearly. And it's all fake.

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will take the bait. what do you want to know? I'll do my best to give my two cents. have read it cover-to-cover 4x, made more in depth studies of several papers/sections. fyi, it's the kind of book that attracts the full range from brilliant, curious thinkers to certifiable nutcases. hope you can tell the difference. ;) you can jump around the online version (urantia.org) around what topics appeal to you.

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Answer the question, fag!

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I am actually sincere in my curiosity. I want to know how you get over the skepticism, what's your thoughts on it (legit or not, why), and what the purpose of the urantia book is, also what's the best part to read to make someone a believer. I've read some of the reviews and I must say it's very "culty", like they ironically drank the cool aid and are making parody posts. I'm not saying cults are a bad thing at all, I just want to know what I'm getting into, sincerely thanks.

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Its a hoax and some people have wasted their lives trying following its bullshit.

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Seems like the foundation of a religion

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Its all fake. Any book that is that size and can't get the point is bullshit. Case in point... the bible.

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The Bible gets its points across pretty well I think