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This whole laws don’t apply to corporations thing needs to somehow be bridged (like 1st amendment).

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Not only do they not apply corporations are given the rights of a citizen when it helps them and then they have extra rights when it helps them, the most jewy of jew tricks ever

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Why do you call jews tyranny? Never heard them called that before.

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I imagine there are multiple domestic terror attacks, not false flags, being planned right now.

Massive attacks against illegal immigrants, non-whites in general, and kikes.

If you make America a scary fucking place to live, unless you're white, you fix the problem.

I fully support the mass execution, terror and complete eradication of all non-white people in the United States.

The world needs to fear white people again as their rightful rulers and leaders of humanity.

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you win the "most ridiculous voat post of the day" award!

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Well unlike antifa when u try to kill someone with a bike lock our jewdicial system gives you a slap on the wrist, but a ham sandwhich on a mosque and you are literaly the anticrist reborn and will feel the full weight of the JEWdicial zystem

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