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This is a government sponsored monopoly. Now they've sucked up Whole Foods. That is why they have the power to do this kind of shit. In a competitive market, they'd kill their customer base but there are so few alternatives to the services they provide, in some places none, that they can get away with this. Even if their worst nightmare happens and they lose 20% of their customer base, they're not going anywhere because they have an incestuous relationship with congress, Democratic congress members specifically but it stretches both sides of the isle. It's easy to see where this is going. Amazon, like Google, like FB and Twitter, will have the support of the left in this country, the side that claims they hate war and corporations. Yet, it's okay to support a corporate monopoly as long as they're handing over cash to the Democrats apparently. I have heard horror stories about working in Amazon factories. It's crazy how Democrats have become more of a war party and are deeper in bed with corporate monopolies than Republicans were under GWB.

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It's crazy, I have a lot of lefty friends on Facebook and they're all shilling for Nike. It's like the powers that be figured out how to trick everyone into being good little psychophant consumers. Everyone is so worried about racism, hate speech and hating the president that they've cozied up to the big corporations who helped create the narrative that started all this foaming at the mouth. People don't even realize they are being played.

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dittos. I refuse to use amazon now other than as a source of product reviews and to get ideas of prices. I thought about applying at an amazon warehouse until I found out about their Chi-com style work ethics. For example, when you leave at the end of your day,, you queue up and wait as they check for stolen items! This often takes at least an hour and your are not paid while you are surreptitiously accused of being a thief. Feck that.

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"451 the degree at which paper burns"

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This whole laws don’t apply to corporations thing needs to somehow be bridged (like 1st amendment).

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Why do you call jews tyranny? Never heard them called that before.

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I imagine there are multiple domestic terror attacks, not false flags, being planned right now.

Massive attacks against illegal immigrants, non-whites in general, and kikes.

If you make America a scary fucking place to live, unless you're white, you fix the problem.

I fully support the mass execution, terror and complete eradication of all non-white people in the United States.

The world needs to fear white people again as their rightful rulers and leaders of humanity.

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So this is essentially a digital book burning, no?

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No, a digital book burning would be saving a bunch of e-books to CDs, surely...?

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I'll just say this for edification for anyone who isn't aware, this guy is Roosh and he runs a website called Return of Kings. It's mainly a redpill site about women, mostly discussing the nature of women and how lies abound about how they act, what they want, how the media portrays them and makes certain claims, their hypocrisies...you get the idea. Plenty of harsh words to be had about modern females on his site, and a lot of his content is sort of a mix between trying to wake up the bluepilled Nice Guys and giving pickup artist advice about how to bang sluts.

With this information in mind, it's pretty clear why Amazon took down his books. I don't mean justified, I'm strictly talking motivation. It's Amazon. Run by the kike Bezos. Who owns the Washington Post. This isn't surprising in the least. It should still be spread and talked about, but I figured I'd give some context to anyone who was unaware. All this being said, offtopic: I don't like Roosh or his site. He strikes me as a self-aggrandizing nigger IQ retard who gets too emotional about his subject material.

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Dude, Roosh's comment section on "Return of Kings" got nuked by Disqus last year, almost immediately after we got into a looooong convoluted discussion about the false flag events of Charlotesville. During that discussion, we had a shitload of obvious paid shills in the comment section of that Charlotesville article.

Roosh's sources of income being targeted by the SJWs is not much of a surprise.

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i will support roosh and anyone to have a right to have an opinion.thanks

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I never said or implied otherwise. My apologies if I somehow partially triggered your fragile sensitivities for whatever reason.

You're welcome.

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I gaurenfuckingTEE they will ban The camp of saints, by Jean Raspail


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It has begun.

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I've said all along- stop buying electronic books and purchase paper from second-hand book stores! History is being rewritten through television and movies and books are being banned- come on people, wake the winnie-the-pooh up!!

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In the older days they burned books, this is the equivalent.

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