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Yes, yes yes and yes. One of the best works of fiction ever. The only down side is it's so good you're bound to be disappointed if you read other Dumas books afterward.

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Isn't that the honest truth! His other's are utterly drab in contrast.

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The 3 Musketeers is good but not great. Certainly not the same level. Not so happy with 20 Year After but I'm chugging through it so I can do The Man In the Iron Mask, which I hear is the best of the Dartagnan stories.

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Huh, I acquired a very old copy of The Vicomte of Bragelonne last year. I didn't get very far through it (mostly because I do most of my reading whilst travelling and didn't want to risk damaging this old-ass book by lugging it around in my backpack), but what I read was pretty charming.

I guess I'd better get around to reading it (and his other works) before having a crack at The Count of Monte Cristo, haha!

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That's not to say they won't be enjoyable :-) I liked The Three Musketeers. I had a little trouble getting through 20 Years After. The end is getting better. I've heard from a friend the VoB is the best one of the three. Let me know what you think.