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If youre into space opera Foundation Series is great as well.

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I lost interest in foundation after the mule

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Foundation is excellent.

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Definitely Dune.. God Emperor is my fav of the series.

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Agree about God Emperor.

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Crimson Worlds. Inspired by Starship Troopers.

Or is it Starship Troopers inspired by Crimson Worlds?

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Sounds like fun.

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And if you liked Dune Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun series.

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"roadside picnic"

sci fi classic. aliens landed a long time ago, and left their junk when they visited. "stalkers" now make a living sneaking into the zone to recover these odd and dangerous artifacts under the nose of the UN

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The book that inspired apocalyptic wasteland dystopias!

(The games: Fallout, Metro, Half-Life 2, Stalker...)

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Uh Half-Life 1 actually inspired HL2 but nice try.

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hell yes.

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just finished reading this, thank you for the suggestion.

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Someone recently posted the phrase "cargo cult" on here. I had no idea what it meant, and so I looked it up. Hilarious and apropos to an extent: Cargo Cult Wiki


... various ritualistic acts such as the building of an airplane runway will result in the appearance of material wealth, particularly highly desirable Western goods ...

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"florbagaxus, do you want to go to a picnic at that nice planet we found"

"not really. they've been picking up our trash off the ground and rubbing it on their faces. kind of weird. i think they ruined a building by studying a hellslime spill"

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I enthusiastically second this recommendation, but with the caveat that the reader go into it making allowances for it being a translated work and without expecting it to conform to the genre of Western science fiction.

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The Count of Monte Cristo. Have a dictionary on hand.

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Yes, yes yes and yes. One of the best works of fiction ever. The only down side is it's so good you're bound to be disappointed if you read other Dumas books afterward.

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Isn't that the honest truth! His other's are utterly drab in contrast.

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Huh, I acquired a very old copy of The Vicomte of Bragelonne last year. I didn't get very far through it (mostly because I do most of my reading whilst travelling and didn't want to risk damaging this old-ass book by lugging it around in my backpack), but what I read was pretty charming.

I guess I'd better get around to reading it (and his other works) before having a crack at The Count of Monte Cristo, haha!

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Good one.

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Gulag Archipelago. The most entertaining book in soviet union!

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I'm about halfway through.

Absolutely horrifying.

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Where they eat that frozen fish with relish. Gives me chills every time

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It seemed unnecessarily long and boring. Is it really worth all the time?

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Oh yes it is.

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This one?

Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 : an experiment in literary investigation / Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn ; translated from the Russian by Thomas P. Whitney.

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I started reading that book for this month. It’s fucked comrades.

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Any of the Disc World series, Planet of Adventure by Isaac Asimov, Darkness at Noon, The Screwtape Letters, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. As you may be able to tell, I'm a fan of fiction. I personally need recommends for good non-fiction books.

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Well, I haven't read it myself but I've been meaning to get my hands on a copy of Hunting the Tiger: the Fast Life and Violent Death of the Balkans' Most Dangerous Man. I was reading Arkan's Wikipedia page and at some point thought, "hold on, this is an interesting enough story that it'd be worth reading in book form," and scoured the internet for what appears to be the best biography of him.

Unfortunately the book is kinda hard to come by. I should really bite the bullet and order a copy for $80...

I used to be a big Discworld fan for a while, but before long Pratchett's smug writing style and painfully Mar(t)y Sue characters began to grate. A lot. I still love The Amazing Maurice, though. And Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is just wonderful. I think I read most/all of the series as a kid.

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You want a good and weird non-fiction? I am not a huge fan of history, but read, "The Woman Who shot Mussolini." It is history, psychology, and crazy-real story all wrapped up in one.

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Good Omens? its a standalone Terry Pratchett. If you havnt read it and you like him your missing out.

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Atlas Shrugged

If your read it in school re-read it with your newfound life experience and maturity.

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In case of Atlas Shrugged I guess you could call it "withdrawing", although I'd just call it witholding your genius from others, and using it only for your own betterment and those you care for. It was their way offighting.

In case of The Fountainhead the message is actually to fight, and keep fighting.

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Objectivism is peak Jew. It is both intriguing and concerning how many people who might identify as Christian and libertarian fall for that meme.

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I loved Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead when I first read them. They are good, but after a long digestion period, they seem not-so-great. The situations and circumstances are too contrived, and the plots are not realistic at all.

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Well, they are essentially a kinda contrived delivery system for great monologues. Because that's what Ayn Rand is really great at, monologues.

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She was literally fucking the head banking Rothschild, and wrote the books for them, as an insider's guide. You, peon, are slated for death.

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A stranger in a strange land

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Not bad but a little but of an SJW undertone no?

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a little but of an SJW undertone no?

Jubal kept 'em based.

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Not sure what a SWJ is. In the world I live in SJW's don't exist, people are people and have their own issues. They stand for something or fall for any flag that is waving.

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It was actually basically Thelema OTO stuff.

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Great one. Big deal to me as a teenager.

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Snowcrash. The future is pizza delivery and living in storage crates to get net access.

American Lion. Read about Andrew Jackson.

If you have tons of time: Otherland and The Wheel of Time (ridiculous amounts of time for WoT)

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Snow crash has a ceiling of enjoyment but still it's alrigt

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I've eyeballed WoT before... does it get repetitive? It looks like it might get repetitive

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The first six books of WoT are INCREDIBLY repetitive. Read them like you watch movies and you might not care. Otherwise, it really just feels like the same story over and over.

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WoT does not get repetitive ever. However, it slows down dramatically after the first 6 books and reaches a low at book 10.

Most people (including me) power through books 7 to 11 just to get to the Brandon Sanderson books 12 to 14. Completely worth it.

I recommend reading these books.

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I think I will give Snow Crash a try. I have trouble getting into most science fiction, but finding a good read in the category is especially satisfying.

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