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I haven't read fiction this good since the Da Vici Code.

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Also, "Digital Fortress" by the same author, highly recommended.

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That was a page turner for sure.

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The Daily Stomer keeps things interesting. A fair amount of their articles are tongue and cheek and sometimes satire especially depending on the writer. They'll make it clear what's what though.

The DS is one of the places to check out on a regular basis because they do report on both events and current culture that are esteemed media refuse too.

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Haunted by the same author is excellent. He also wrote Fight Club which, if you haven't read, is great.

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Add Invisible Monster and Choke to the list. Fight Club was ok. The movie was better.

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Haunted was fucking gross, I couldn't do it. Cartel videos don't bother me like words do I guess. what was his name, sir no guts?

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It's a good read.

Shit libs won't like the book, as it comes off as a warning to them. To sum it up short, Keep acting like degenerates you're going to get the rope.

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First they came for the shitlibs, and I did not speak out— Because bwahahahaha.

Then they came for the muzzies, and I did not speak out— Because omg lol.

Then they came for the jews, and I did not speak out— Because good fucking riddance!

Then they came for me— and gave me a job as gas chamber operator, winning!

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And that message is coming from a faggot, too.

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The length that he went to to get it published speaks volumes about how controlled publishing is these days. Chuck Palahniuk still has a legion of rabid fans. It's odd that publishers passed on a guaranteed paycheck.

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His fan base is the only reason one company stepped up and printed it for him. Anyone else would have had to self print through a smaller publisher or go through Amazon's system.

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He is my most loved author. If you goats have not read his book Survivor, do yourself a favor and check it out. It was in talks to be a movie prior to 911, however the book is read as the last transmission of a hijacked plane's black box.

If you liked the Fight Club movie, know that outside of the ending (which even Palahnuk said the movie ending was better,) the movie follows the book verbatim.

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He may be a fag but a passage from Survivor helped convince a nbk virgin to blow me so...

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Uh.... go on....

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The Guardian:

much-ballyhooed “Adjustment Day” itself, a massacre of the educated in society by the uneducated, and the resulting new order that arises

Wasn't that exactly what happened In Cambodia and China?

The Guardian is one Commie shit rag, what a disgusting bunch of faggots!

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