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libshits never cared that "NAZIS BURNED BOOKS!!!1" they only cared about the specific books being burned.

In war you should not allow your enemy to freely spread their propaganda. This is common sense. The Judeo-Left is acting like they're at war, the Cucked-Right is acting like they're in an academic debate and "both sides" should have a voice.

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face it. . . The commies have infiltrated the media (mockingbirds), IRS, CIA, FBI, NSA, Courts, . . .

While they get merely reprimanded for their crimes, patriots are getting thrown in jail, blacklisted, etc . . . Patriots are convinced to hide in their closets and be "Prayer Warriors" (another Jew lie), etc . . Very few are actually standing up to evil. Besides, why stand up to evil when the rapture is right around the corner - any day now . . . , etc

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McCarthyism wasn't a bad thing.

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the Cucked-Right is acting like they're in an academic debate

The cucked right isnt aware that theyre IN a war. They lived in peace so long that they lost the sense of what a war IS. All they know about war they know from old cheesy movies. They think a war starts only when a bearded russian in an uniform rides in on a nuclear missile and throws his empty vodka bottle at them.

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NatSocs only burned some (((books))) in their country.

The allies BANNED a fuckt-on of books for everyone, way more books in fact were banned than burned books. But that, you wouldn't know in classical (((history classes))).

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This is not a war, and you clearly don't know what a war is. Most liberals, like most conservatives, oppose censorship of any kind. Your view of liberals seems to entirely consist of straw men. All sides should have a voice. Deal with it.

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you're either disingenuous or an idiot. i don't really care to find out which.

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saying nazi to white people is akin to black people being called niggers, yet MSM allows this ask yourself why

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"A key principle in progressive morality is the belief that an individual’s happiness is paramount—so long as achieving it doesn’t make a person not nice to others. Not only should people should do what makes them happy, but being a nice, happy person proves one is right."

Liberals don't abide by that logic, however. Because if they did, you would have millions of completely miserable, grumpy, insufferable, sand-filled vaginas having to admit that, because they're miserable, that means they're wrong. And we all know libshits admitting that they're wrong hardly ever happens.

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so long as achieving it doesn’t make a person not nice to others.

Obviously collecting other people's money by force --the other key principle of progressivism-- and locking them up in cages if they refuse to comply, does not count as "not being nice".

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Arm yourselves. Sadly, a civil war is inevitable.

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I thought we were okay until quite recently... when the fucking ALA withdrew Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from one of their awards over "racism".

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That was an eye opener for me as well. Whitewashing (no pun) history, even at a fictional level? Not cool.

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*du jour

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Gerard Menuhin, the son of the famous violinist, wrote a book proving the holocaust was a lie and that Germany did not start WWII. It was titled Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.

It's been deleted from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, I was able to find it only at an online bookstore that I had never heard of before, Better World Books. Even there it seemed to be a little bit hidden and it took me a bit of clicking through to find it.

So, yes they're making books disappear as well.

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Conservatives, particularly Christians, must reckon with this issue. By definition we are people whose beliefs are based on recordable, objective truth.

...what? Really?

You know you don't need to be Christian to hate the attempt at censorship and information control the jews are doing, right, lady? You also could have written the entire article discussing how this is a bad omen and a sign of society getting worse, without bringing anyone's beliefs into it, but this seems like a semi-forced way of plugging it in here for no reason.

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