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They are trying to kill physical libraries now so they can rewrite/disappear texts in the virtual libraries.

Few people realize the importance of maintaining written texts.

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George orwell understood this a very very long time ago.

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The libary near me is always purging classics by white people and anything remotely christian. I've picked up Pilgrim's Progress, The Song of Roland, The End of The Ancient World by Ferdinand Lot (which talks about how letting barbarians into Rome's army - they didn't even speak the same language - was a big part of the fall of Rome) all for like 50 cents each. Not even to re-read them myself necessarily, just to have them around to lend to people or promote any way I can. It's all being replaced with "Bix Nood: wise latinas in da hood" etc. Just fucking vile.

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Archivists do! Thank an archivist today! (I know of an archivist who can be thanked if you don't.)

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I dated a librarian/archivist. She's alright, but all of her colleagues were deranged leftist cat ladies of the first order. I would cross the street to avoid them, let alone offering thanks.

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Yup, fuck ebooks too

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Or you could try owning books rather than borrow them.

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Read the last comment in OPs article, a good suggestion from anon. gutenberg.com

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I really like my Kindle. I love the fact that I can download a generous sample of any book that I'm interested in to see if I like it.

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Show me your books and I'll know your thoughts. I've lived where reading the wrong book gets the police knocking on your door. While the Kindle is technologically a wonderful device, there is no anonymous reading with it.

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Beautiful reminder! I love reading and always felt privileged to live in a time with free access to so much knowledge!

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A day may come there will be nothing left in the libraries to read, if they continue to re-write the books or remove and burn them altogether.

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Many years ago I went to our local library in town on my lunch hour and for some reason was into Elizabethan poetry at the time. So lo and behold I'm reading his poems (sorry can't remember the name but it was one of the biggies ) and I come across "golden slumbers fill your eyes." Eh Paul? But yeah stopped going to the local library anymore because they had almost nothing I was interested in, just newer crap.

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As in the Beatles jacked classic poetry?

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Had a friend that worked in a library. She always complained how the director was cutting adult programs, to focus more on attracting teens and offering more for toddlers. I stopped going as often, when a program would start and only 2 people it was targeted for, attended.(Usually the presenters children) The library had a movie showing on Friday mornings that senior homes would attend, and they were offered coffee and donuts, which was great. Trivia with prizes was another great program, but was cut from twice, to once a year. I personally went to many businesses to ask for gift cards to be donated, and a few would. But in the end, the "Director", who I might add, is in her early 20's, felt it was too time consuming. Libraries are great, but the patrons are what make it an institution.

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Great for rainy days. Not as many of them these days or something. I read WAY less (meals usually now) than I used to. I remember reading swiss family robinson ALL day sometimes...did it TWICE back in the day. Also less into sci fi, and more into stuff like sailing.

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