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Why not explore an alt-history universe where Western Civ never falls? Here is a short quote from the book: “By my Blood, I swear to Bravely protect all citizens of the Empire and the Alliance! By my Honor, I vow to Sacrifice if need be to ensure the survival of our culture! By my Example I pledge to lead with Virtue those who stand before Evil, and form a living wall securing our freedoms – Now, Forever, and Until my Last Breath!” - Starshatter, Ch6, Pg172

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I'm actually happier building mud huts and atlatls. I've found that the further I get from domestication/civilization, the more alive I feel. Civilization stunts evolution and breeds psychopaths. I only believe in Nature's/God's laws.

I hope that we wake up as a species and peacefully disassemble civilization voluntarily but my hopes aren't high for that happening. Chances are high that there will be war/culling, then total collapse, before things have a chance to get better.

I've also found that my modern hunter gatherer lifestyle insulates me from the collapse of civ and solves a lot of the problems that Mr. Finicum illustrated in his book. It's not always the strongest that survive, it's the most adaptable.